Who is "Launch?"

Luke Tran-Nguyen/Launch is a freelance designer that focuses on branding, graphic design, and marketing. He modernizes, revamps, and refreshes small businesses. He also is a heavy advocate of fighting games and leads the Houston Tekken Network.

As of May 2021, he is a freelance designer.

Okay, but who was Launch?

Launch has experience in managing customer service teams, backend e-commerce management, and social media marketing! He got his foot in the door by mentoring under Susan Lin, whom had brought him onto TheKey.Company's team as a core member who had to wear many hats.

Fighting Game Community

In 2019, Launch entered the FGC by going to a local event, Frame 1. After a positive experience, he created the Houston Tekken Network, a Discord server dedicated to putting all of Houston's Tekken community under one roof. It is a fair sized community, currently at 320 members.

Launch has also worked events for EVO, Texas Showdown, Redbull, and many smaller communities.


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